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Our Company

The goal of virtual reality is to take players and put them into games, ours is the opposite.  Using movie style set designs, actors, stunt crews, make up artists and any other equipment needed we take video games and make them reality.  Bring your games to the next level by experiencing them on a whole new field.

Video Game Conversions

Live video game recreations are one of the most challenging and rewarding projects.  Our team carefully deconstructs the game piece by piece studying everything from architecture to art styles in order to reproduce the most accurate recreations possible.

Flagship Games

Our flagship games are constantly in the works and will include a roleplaying mazescape production we call “Open Door Save Princess”.  Players will work as a team to navigate the maze, solve puzzles, obtain the boss weapon and defeat the boss of each maze.   Enjoy an amazing story that will have you winding through hallways and facing creatures like the evil horned rabbit beast “D-Jack” using your trusty, newly obtained, 14 Carrot Sword.

Mini Games

Our Real Life Mini Games are a simple way to rent a memorable game experience for your next event.  Each mini game is designed with your rental needs in mind and priced based on where you need us to be.  Our games can be enhanced to fit larger areas or even customized to you for additional appropriate fees.

Custom Designs

Have an idea of your own? Need something completely unique? No problem! Answer a few simple questions we will get to work on with your very own custom game.

Check out the Atlanta Hawks experiencing RLG for the first time courtesy of Subnation


Our team will design a custom game for you and your event, from big to small and everything inbetween.  You bring us your ideas and we will make them a reality.


Once we have locked in a design you are happy with we begin the construction process.  Use this time to document and hype up the release of the game before hand and have your attendees lining up to play at the event.


It’s time for you and your attendees to leave the screens behind and experience a whole new level of game play.  Get up and be the players, experience your games in the real world and create unforgettable memories.



Contact us now to bring a Real Life Game to your event!